A-Cute Derm: Advanced Acne Kit

A-Cute Derm: Advanced Acne Kit



This kit contains three of A-Cute Derm's best products for anyone with advanced acne.  Included in this kit are:


These A-Cute Derm products are all formulated to help control acne by providing a deep antiseptic cleaning that is non-comedogenic and skin friendly.  This is an excellent program with proven results.

To make the best use of these A-Cute Derm products, follow these steps:

  1. Wash your skin with A-Cute Derm B-Kleer Antiseptic Wash.
  2. Twice a week use A-Cute Derm's B-Kleer Mask.
  3. Let your skin dry for 3-5 minutes. This prevents the A-Cute Derm Ultra 20 pads from causing the burning sensation that can happen when glycolic products are applied to wet skin.  This is a great time to brush your teeth!
  4. Use one A-Cute Derm Ultra 20 Pad to spread the glycolic acid on your skin.
  5. Finally, apply either A-Cute Derm's Protect SPF 20 Sunscreen or A-Cute Derm's Ultra Lite Facial Moisturizer.


You should start seeing an improvement in acne break-outs, skin pigmentation and skin texture within just a few weeks!