A-Cute Derm: Professional Hair Growth System
A-Cute Derm: Professional Hair Growth System

A-Cute Derm: Professional Hair Growth System


A-Cute Derm has a new product line with a 4 step process to help regrow hair.  This product line deals with the major causes of hair loss.  The four steps include:

  1. Professional Scalp Prep  This penetrates the hair follicles, softens the thick sebum and draws it out so that it can be removed in step #2.
  2. Thick N Restore Shampoo  Removes all waxes from hair products and sebum.
  3. Professional Scalp Activator  Increases the blood flow to the scalp providing maximum oxygenation for detoxification and health.
  4. Professional Scalp Defense  Prevents sebum production from becoming rancid and toxic to hair follicles.
A-Cute Derm's studies have found that 90% of the clients that have tried their Regrowth System have experienced significant regrowth.
Here are the instructions:
Professional Scalp Prep
(Step 1)
- Before wetting hair, apply 1/4 ounce of Scalp Prep.
- Using your finger tips, gently flex the scalp for a few seconds to work the product into the follicles but do not rub.
- Leave on from 25-30 seconds.  Rinse thoroughly.
Restore & Thicken Shampoo
(Step 2)
- For best results use immediately following our Scalp Prep (Step 1).
- Apply 1/4 ounce to hair and spread evenly
- Work into rich lather
- Massage into scalp with finger tips.
- Rinse thoroughly with warm water
- Towel Dry
Professional Scalp Activator
(Step 3)
- As your hair begins to dry, apply 15 drops of Scalp Activator to thinning areas.
- Within 3-5 minutes, you may feel a strong tingling sensation.
- The scalp may begin to turn bring pink as blood rushes to the surface layers of the dermis.  This is normal.
- You may use this product at night before bed.
- This product will not cause hair growth in other areas such as the face or back should the product drip or run.
Professional Scalp Defense
(Step 4)
- Use immediately after applying Professional Scalp Activator (Step 3)
- Part the hair and apply 1/3 ounce to the entire scalp
- Do not massage and do not rinse out
- Towel dry again, if desired