A-Cute Derm: Power Beads Microdermal Body Polish

A-Cute Derm: Power Beads Microdermal Body Polish


Epidermal Exfoliator

Product Information


To rapidly exfoliate the body. Use on all areas other than the face for a complete rejuvenation. Especially effective on the hands, elbows, legs, knees and feet. Reduces the signs of accelerated aging of the skin caused by sun, tanning and environmental effects. Improves the softness and texture of the skin. Leaves the skin feeling smoother, softer and more radiant. Extremely gentle base. Use for home maintenance in between professional treatments.


Cleanse the skin prior to treatment. The skin should be left damp. Apply a modest amount of Power Beads Microdermal Body Polish to damp skin. Massage lightly in an upward circular motion to each affected area for up to two minutes. Adjust pressure on massage according to the skin type and the degree of sensitivity. Rinse completely with tepid water making certain to remove all traces of the gel. Pat dry. Alway apply A-Cute Derm Pro-tect Sunscreen to all exposed areas if going outdoors during daylight hours.