A-Cute Derm: Ultra 20 Advanced Rejuvenating Creme

A-Cute Derm: Ultra 20 Advanced Rejuvenating Creme


This product is on backorder at the manufacturer.  We are recommending that our customers purchase the Ultra 20 Lotion instead.  At this time, the manufacturer is unsure if they will continue manufacturing this product.

Improves Tone and Texture. This is the highest concentration of glycolic acid available!

Product Information


A translucent body and facial cream formulated to help protect against visible signs of dry skin, wrinkles, sun damage and aging. Improves the overall tone and texture of the skin. Lightens minor discolorations.


Apply thinly and evenly to affected areas in the morning, bedtime or as directed for total body rejuvenation. Follow with an appropriate moisturizer, if needed. If going outdoors, apply A-Cute Derm Pro-tect Sunscreen daily for optimum protection.