New Acne Product Fights Acne for 4 hours!

Posted by Lisa Phillips on October 17, 2013 0 Comments
Exciting announcement for anyone who suffers with acne!!!  A new and dramatic improvement on how to kill the Propioni bacteria that causes acne. A-Cute Derm's B-Kleer Foaming Acne Cleanser is now available and on sale!  No rinses, no cotton balls, no pads, no scrubbing...apply the foam and you are done!  No need to wash it off!  This product will keep killing the acne causing bacteria for 4 hours.  It is excellent as a hand or wound sanitizer as well.  Kills Staph, Pnedomonas, Candida, Aspergillus, MRSA and Propioni bacteria.  Available in a convenient 1.7 ounce purse/travel size, 7.0 ounce daily use and 32 ounce refill size.
**Use Coupon Code FOAM during checkout to receive 15% off this new product.  Order soon, as we are unsure how long we will be able to offer this discount!  
B-Kleer Foaming Acne Cleanser

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